SupraSensor Technologies

Supramolecular chemistry, the study of the interactions between molecules, provides insight into the processes dictating the spontaneous assembly of discrete molecules in to well-ordered structures. SupraSensor Technologies is an Oregon company founded in 2012 to bring Nature’s own strategy of direct molecular identification to improve sensor technologies in agriculture and industry. Our vision is to develop a scalable, high growth business by applying our technology to solve unmet needs for detecting and directly monitoring critical molecular components in agriculture and industrial processes. These technologies are based on intellectual property coming out of fundamental research conducted at the University of Oregon and others worldwide.
The company’s initial market focus is precision agriculture, or more specifically the introduction of science and technology to farm management. SupraSensor Technologies’ in situ nitrate monitoring devices drive optimization of critical resources to deliver the highest crop yield at the lowest cost to both the growers and our watersheds. The impact of this optimization of the nitrate cycle in farming is two-fold: saving the ~30% of wasted nitrate fertilizer annually and mitigation of nonpoint source pollution attributed to over-application of fertilizers in current agricultural practice. This accounts for nearly 3.7M tons of N-pollution entering US watersheds annually, solely from from agricultural activities. Nitrate concentrations in runoff below mismanaged fields averages 10-80 parts per million: nearly 8 times the EPA allowable limit for potable water. SupraSensor’s in-soil nitrate monitors will stop this over-application at the source, while retaining agricultural productivity.