Join our entrepreneurial community, get a Membership!

We know entrepreneurs come in all different flavors – full-time, part-time, just dipping your toe in the water. To that end, we have an array of flexible membership options.

Our ultimate goal as a non-profit is to serve as a resource to help people and businesses stay and grow in Oregon. As such we are ready to pivot and change to meet the community’s needs as it develops. Does this structure not work for you? Do you have special needs? More space? Less space? Cheaper space? Flex-space? Every-other-month space? Engineering needs? Bandwidth concerns? Noise issues? Or maybe…. Just ask. We are here to help.

How do I join?

You can sign up for recurring payments for your membership through Paypal. First, though, please contact Shula Jaron to come check out our facilities and learn a bit more about the community!

The recurring payment is painless, makes our lives a ton easier, and can be canceled at anytime.

01 Daily Drop In

Daily access to Fertilab’s coworking space $10 / day

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02 Coworking

Daily access to Fertilab’s coworking space, wifi, coffee, resources, and more. Additional $10 fee for mailbox.

$85 / month (Fulltime)

$50 / month (Part-time)

$35 / month (Student)

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03 Dedicated Space

Dedicated workspace, wifi, coffee, conf. rooms, mailbox, full access to Fertilab’s resources

$150 / month (Half a cubicle)

$250 / month (Team of 4)

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04 Laboratory

Full access to Fertilab’s advanced labs. Perfect for Biotech/Chem focused teams.

$150 / month (Team of 4)

$35 / month (For each additional member)

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