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Supporting the Entrepreneurial Community of Eugene, OregonThe FertiLab Thinkubator is a nonprofit network that empowers entrepreneurs in Lane County, Oregon by providing coworking and business incubation space alongside mentorship and educational programming. We serve companies and individuals across a wide range of industries, with a particular interest in reaching the biotech community with our lab facilities and equipment.

Onsite Laboratory Access

The Fertilab Thinkubator provides access to a full laboratory for you to develop your next startup idea into a thriving business. Do you want to do a little cell culture, HPLC, or other assays? We have the only community-supported, open laboratory in the area. While we have people working in many startup domains, we have a soft spot in our heart for scientists and engineers - a lot of us are scientists ourselves! Come take something from the bench to market with us!

Access to Great Mentors

We're tied right into the heart of the entrepreneurial community here in the Willamette Valley. Need a contact in Portland or Corvallis? Looking to build your advisor bench strength before you go out for a seed round? We can point you in the right direction and make introductions to help get you moving.

Amazing Community

We're all in this together. Come live the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with your fellow Eugene startup-ers! Between the engineers, scientists, software developers, marketers, IT gurus, etc., in our community, chances are that somebody can help you solve the problems you're facing in your startup! What skills and experience can you bring and share with the community? We want your expertise!