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Fertilab Thinkubator is where Eugene’s startup community comes to create innovation. From Biotech to Design to Product Development, all types of businesses work here.

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Programs to grow your ideas from concept to launch

ID8 Pre-Accelerator

ID8 is FertiLab's 5-week hands-on, participation driven pre-accelerator program for technology startups.ID8 trainees develop essential innovation skills to critically evaluate their market, develop and communicate their offering’s value proposition, propose and innovate business models, validate assumptions, and create updated pitch materials to attract investment.

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Founders Present Series

Once a month join us at FertiLab for our Founders Present series. Get unique insight from those who have been there and done that: successful entrepreneurs who share their struggles and their successes

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Tuesday IIE Series

Every Tuesday night, we host our IIE Series (Inspiration, Information, and Education). The very best presenters guide you on your journey towards being a successful entrepreneur, covering a range of topics important to those starting, and growing, a business. These are always free and open to the general public!

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Coffee Networking

On the first Thursday of every month, FertiLab organizes a monthly networking event at 9:00 am. This is a great place to meet other entrepreneurs, both new and experienced, find a team member, and stay connected to the scene. We start with 3 questions:

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Amazing Startups Do Their Work At Fertilab

From biotech to web design, our companies excel thanks to an open community and a well maintained space to work in.


Matt Beaudet

Fertilab Co-Founder and President of the Board of Directors

As one of the original co-founders, Matt viewed the launch of the FertiLab Thinkubator as a grand experiment – a “high-risk, high-return” venture to see if real change could be actively driven. Of course trying the new and the innovative has always been Matt’s cup-of-tea both in his 16 years at Molecular Probes Inc. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molecular_Probes)  (through its various M&A rebadging) and now within his own company NemaMetrix (www.nemametrix.com). Equal parts humbled and driven by the support and success of FertiLab so far he sees the role of FertiLab as being a trailblazer willing and able to take risks where other governmental run agencies cannot (be it in opening the original space, to holding the areas first micro-seed fund pitch competition, to crafting the ID8 incubator course).

Shula Jaron

FertiLab Co-Founder, Executive Director, and ex officio Board of Directors Member

Much like the other FertiLab Thinkubator co-founders, Shula was motivated by the belief Eugene/Springfield could be a hot bed of technology startups fueling economic development – giving talented people a reason to live in the area. But as an experienced manager who had led large and complex multidisciplinary programs within a global biotechnology company Shula saw the path to solve the problem somewhat differently. Shula saw that to make an effective community FertiLab needed to go beyond just providing a home, an education, and a community but needed to work with all the members and partners to understand their individual needs and motivators and to become an advocate for them. And since she became the Executive Director and Manager of the FertiLab she has pushed not  only the physical site to be molded to the members needs but has become a vocal advocate to the city and within the state for the startup community and our members. Thanks to her leadership FertiLab has more than just the strength of its conviction but it has some muscle and some bite too.

Jason Boone

FertiLab Co-Founder and Secretary of the Board of Directors

As Vice President of the successful BioTech company Floragenex (http://www.floragenex.com/) Jason has seen first hand how difficult, and often times lonely, it can be as an early stage and growth stage company in Eugene.  But, as the Director of the non-profit Disciples of Dirt (http://www.disciplesofdirt.org/) mountain bike club, Jason saw that a clear vision, steady effort, and open partnerships could unlock amazing changes in the Eugene/Springfield area. And with his seemingly never-ending enthusiasm and energy Jason helped to co-found the FertiLab Thinkubator in 2013 as part of his desire to boost the area economy.

Acting as the Secretary and Treasurer for FertiLab plays to Jason’s strengths as an analytical decision maker. However Jason’s motto of “measure twice cut once” belies the fact that he is also a bold risk taker. Believing that large opportunities await the companies (and communities) that act quickly and break new ground. And we are all happy that his brand of leadership is located in Eugene.

Sarah Cheesman

Board of Directors Member

As a board member and then Development Director for the non-profit Ophelia’s place (http://www.opheliasplace.net/) Sarah had seen the incredible impact a focused organization can have on a community. It is not an accident and it does not happen casually but through organization and hard work of good people. Alternating between feeling frustration and disappointment at the Eugene “brain-drain” as good friends were forced to leave the area, unable to find good jobs in the tech sector Sarah felt it was time for a change. And as she become more familiar with the FertiLab Thinkubator she became more enthused that it was the organization that could make this change. With her deep non-profit experience and belief that if something is worth doing it is worth doing right we are extremely happy that Eugene will be benefiting from her leadership.

Joe Maruschak

FertiLab Co-Founder and Board of Directors Member

As a strategist and entrepreneur Joe has been active in the Eugene startup scene since 2001 where he helped manage the growth and transitions of his original startup, BraveTree, as it sold and merged with GarageGames and later IAC. During that time Joe’s hallmark was bucking the status que and pushing beyond the standard “overthink and underact” trap – driving himself and his teams to take thinking and turn it into doing.

It was this drive and passion for forward movement made Joe such a galvanizing individual within the Eugene Startup scene in 2013. Where others saw a slow moving and unconnected patchwork of resources and communities Joe saw a to-do list. And in typical Joe fashion he set out to make waves, get things done, and connect people. Starting with the JumpStart Event (add link: https://www.facebook.com/events/558580070848403/permalink/586235678082842/) April 2013, co-founding the FertiLab Thinkubator incubator in July 2013, and becoming the Director of the RAIN Eugene accelerator (http://raineugene.org/) in April 2014, Joe is an overpowering force in getting things accomplished in Eugene… thank god he is on our side.

Jennifer Fox

Board of Directors Member

As the extremely capable Executive Director of the Oregon Translation Research and Development Institute (OTRADI) (http://www.otradi.org/) Jennifer is one of the most influential and connected individuals in Oregon fighting for technology startups (and calling her influential is not hyperbole… she seriously won an award for it – http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/blog/2014/04/women-of-influence-2014-otradis-jennifer-fox-on.html?page=all). Dr. Fox is extremely involved in her community and beyond, supporting the biosciences through strategic counsel and partnership. She serves on the Oregon Bioscience Association Board of Directors and is a member to its Government Affairs Committee. She is a member of the Portland Community College Bioscience Technology Advisory Board. Dr. Fox is also a steering committee member for the Pacific Northwest Life Science Executive Forum and a mentor and sponsor of the Saturday Academy Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering program.

As an early supporter, collaborator, and now member of the Board of Directors of FertiLab Thinkubator, we have benefited greatly from her passion and her statewide vision for Oregon. It is also her belief that the entire state needs to work as a respectful team that fuels and underlies all of FertiLabs collaborations.

David Yougentob

ID8 Program Director

Direct from the University of Oregon David has the education, the training, and the mad ninja skills to show startups how to work smarter. And as a newly minted Strategyzer Samurai he has twice as many instruments in his toolbox. So, whether you join the ID8 pre-accelerator program or bend his ear in the hallway, an entrepreneur always walks away from David with a better understanding of the tools and resources that can double the chances a startup will be successful.


Kimmy Gustafson

Community Manager

Kimmy is the most energetic person you will ever meet at FertiLab. And she has to be – she is co-founder of the successful startup Manage My Co-op and keeps the FertiLab community afloat and humming. And when it comes to new ventures her advice is straightforward – be effective. So if you are ever stuck we recommend talking to Kimmy and she will not mince words as she guides you on how to distill your efforts down to the most important and then do them immediately.


4 Ways To Use The Fertilab Space

We know that entrepreneurs come in all different flavors - full-time, part-time, just dipping your toe in the water. To that end, we have an array of flexible membership options.


01 Daily Drop In

Daily access to Fertilab’s coworking space

$10 / day

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02 Coworking

Daily access to Fertilab’s coworking space, wifi, resources, and more.

$80 / month (Fulltime)

$50 / month (Part-time)

$35 / month (Student)

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03 Dedicated Space

Dedicated workspace, wifi, coffee, conf. rooms, full access to Fertilab’s resources

$150 / month (Half a cubicle)

$250 / month (Team of 4)

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04 Laboratory

Full access to Fertilab’s advanced labs. Perfect for Biotech/Chem focused teams.

$150 / month (Team of 4)

$35 / month (For each additional member)

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