BT Biotech

BT Bio is a start-up biotech company that will develop and sell over-the-counter tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) our tests are aimed at offering easy, affordable, and anonymous testing for private consumers in the comfort of their own home.

We believe you are an individual. We believe you should be able to take charge of your life, and your health. BT Biotech delivers personal medicine that is easy, affordable, and anonymous.

BT Biotech will start by providing consumers quick, easy, and anonymous over-the-counter home tests for STDs, and then expand from there into allergies, blood testing, and ultimately chronic and acute diseases.

Our first market, STDs, cries out for anonymous testing for a wide variety of diseases that no one wants to talk about.

Not only will our products provide consumers private knowledge of their own health status, but these products will usher in a true age of personal medicine.