ID8 Pre-Accelerator

Mentorship. Strategy. Networking.

You’re a startup that is ready to get on the fast track to seed funding or getting accepted into a top accelerator. We can help. Start the ID8 application process by filling out this form. If you’re selected, you will be notified and given a ten minute pitch and interview.

What is ID8?

ID8 is the best startup pre-accelerator program in the Willamette Valley. ID8 helps new companies get into top accelerators and attract seed funding opportunities. The program uses a three-pronged approach to get your startup growing.

1. Meet Mentors

Our top business mentors know the challenges a startup goes through, and provide personalized, thoughtful, and insightful coaching to ID8 teams. These entrepreneurs come from all industries, and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that truly sets ID8 apart as a high impact experience for enrollees.

2. Strategize

ID8 teaches the most cutting edge methods in startup planning, centered around the Strategyzer tools, including business model canvas, value proposition canvas, hypothesis testing, business model environment analysis, and others. These strategies allow startups to evolve their plan from a faith-based idea to a fact-based business case.

3. Network

Being apart of ID8 is about being part of a greater whole — getting connected to peers, contacts, potential collaborators, and of course coaches and mentors. We believe that 1+1= 3, or 30, or even 300. Our program puts startups in the position to see, be seen, and connect with the world around them.

How Much Does It Cost?

FertiLab works hard get funding and grants in order to keep ID8 affordable for all. As a way to give the most to new startups ID8 only costs a three month FertiLab membership. This allows enrollees the opportunity to use FertiLab’s collaborative spaces and resources to further their startup during and after ID8. Our goal is to provide companies with the best possible platform for success.

For more information on membership please visit our membership page or email Claire Elam at and be sure to reference ID8.

Who Should Apply?

This program is for entrepreneurs with early stage startups or startup concepts, who want to integrate into the Eugene ecosystem, network, connect with mentors, and get on the path to a top accelerator. Companies with large amounts of outside capital, customers, and sales may be too mature, but each company is evaluated individually to assess the value they could get out of ID8.

Questions? Contact ID8 Program Director David C. Youngentob

Program Format

Duration: 8 weeks

Strategy Seminars

Seminar: open to the public (1 hour/week) 

Workshop (2 hour/week)


Scheduled between mentor and mentee (1 hour/week)

Pitch Practice

Practice and refine your pitch before the big night with mentor and peer feedback throughout the 8 weeks.

Final Pitch Event (Ticketed and open to the public)

Network with the Eugene entrepreneurial ecosystem, peers, and the general public on the final night of ID8.

Ready to Accelerate? Let Us Know

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The experienced ID8 mentors helped Third Ocean identify business model flaws before they became a problem. Through group discussions, one-on-one mentoring, and a great deal of coaching, we made the appropriate pivots, and we now have a substantially stronger business model with greater chances of success.

Esteban Vollendweider and Kevin Bull

Co-Founders, Third Ocean, LLC

The strategies and tools taught in ID8 give students an invaluable framework, one that truly develops and guides small ideas into fully fledged ventures. The ID8 team has acutely identified key concepts and ideas that have helped numerous other startups navigate the early stages of their venture. The ID8 staff has successfully built a program that helps our local companies understand those concepts easily.

Derek Schloss

Co-Founder, Cowbucker

I’ve been rewarded as a mentor for ID8, getting to work with talented individuals and teams that are anxious to hear about my experiences in developing products and early stage ventures.  It is great to see startups develop and change their strategies and plans based upon input that they’ve received from ID8 mentors.

John Hudspeth

Mentor, RAIN Eugene

The ID8 series gave me the kind of hands-on workshop experience I needed to jumpstart my understanding of cutting edge thinking on business model generation. The weekly presentations and workshops were great and the followup meetings provided access to great mentors with real world expertise.

Tom Keating

Founder, Cognitopia, LLC

My business was struggling month to month because I had focused exclusively on the product.  ID8 provided peer and mentor knowledge and got my attention focused on the business. Now I have pulled together a business plan, financial projections and have hired an employee.  I am spending my time doing business development and fundraising.  Considering it has only been less than a year since ID8 I feel my growth as a business person has been dramatic, and this will always be a part of my success going forward.

Molly Rogers

Founder, Lola's Fruit Shrubs

ID8 provided my team the opportunity to network not only with experienced mentors, but also other entrepreneurs.  These relationships will be a huge value to us in the years to come.

Nathan Gustafson

Co-Founder, Sit With Me